I had a cyst in the inside of my eyelid and it decided to rupture as I was piling on way too much black eye makeup, and it resulted in uncontrollable streaming of pure black tears that would not stop.

It was terrifying.

Then I ate fondue with my boyfriend so today has been an emotional roller coaster.

Hugh and I watched Don Hertzfeldt’s It’s Such a Beautiful Day and it has to do with disease and death, so when it ended I went to hold him from behind and looked at the back of his head and said, “OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED.” Which was not a calm reaction to a perfect quarter sized patch of exposed scalp, completely missing any hair at all. Just in that circle.

This obviously terrified him, though it is probably random and fine. But now I keep kissing it and it drives him crazy. But I mean hey, I never get to kiss that patch of skin ever and it may have never been kissed, so I’m making up for lost time and giving it love while it’s there.

Sorry for all you people who follow me for weird shit and political stuff, because this is important.