I totally need a dresser or a real mattress or any kind of bedroom furniture and a bunch of other stuff. But for my birthday this year all I want is an old school style popcorn maker and that’s just how turning 22 is gonna be.

The Importance Of (BDSM) Aftercare



You’ve taken your submissive on a journey into subspace & now it’s time for some aftercare!

Since intense play sessions can be emotionally & physically draining, it is important to provide support & comfort afterward. You are opening up your submissive emotionally, physically and…

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Everything is irritating and anxiety ridden when you can’t sleep and have to be up in three hours.

I’ve been doing very well at being social and adjusting to work, but then I’ll be thrown into sleepless, annoyed hate wanting to be alone and snap at anyone who says anything.

Does anyone have suggestions for an over the counter sleep aid? The ones I’ve used caused horrible dreams or just didn’t work.