The next shirts I want to make are going to say, “you’re trendy bullshit is incessently boring,” and it’s all I’m going to ever wear ever.

Getting off my birth control and all my medication has been fucking hellish.

Today one bad thing made me start crying like crazy, and then another thing happened, and then another, and then a miscommunication happened and I’ve been a fucking mess all day to the point where I can’t leave my room because when I do fucking thing triggers it and I’m scared to even talk to anyone.

I’ve been doing so fucking well. And I feel this way for absolutely no reason. Things are relatively good.

Fuck the American “healthcare” system and fuck the inherent sexism that made this is even an issue.

For once, there’s some good news coming out of Ferguson


The Highway Patrol of St. Louis has taken over for the St. Louis PD. Their captain is from Ferguson, and has been marching with the protesters. 

From Reddit’s Live Feed:





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