People bashing shit constantly are so boring.

I used to get along with people like that and even be one, but wow it is boring. That’s all I keep thinking about lately. Or liking stuff because it’s cool to like it, or doing your art or music or clothes in “cool” new styles because that’s what’s in. Or your political opinions because that’s what’s being accepted right now. Or fuck even when your jokes are just the kind of jokes everyone is laughing at lately.

So boringgggg. Gotta get excited about stuff because you like it, fuck every body else. Tired of meeting people with no interests except what’s trendy right now.

Boring as shit.


if you want to read a camille paglia Time Magazine op-ed titled “The Modern Campus Cannot Comprehend Evil” and headed “Young women today do not understand the fragility of civilization and the constant nearness of savage nature” and in which each paragraph is progressively more the worst thing you’ve ever read, well, here

This makes me want to throw up. Looking up related articles citing this one, they say it discusses “wildly overblown claims about an epidemic of sexual assaults” and that “college females [are] clueless about ‘sexy clothes and males savage nature.”

One in four women are assaulted in their lifetime, how is this “wildly over blown,” how can we continue to downplay this.

I can rant for hours but the more I learn about people, the less I want to go outside.

With Yellow Springs and then Louisville, this weekend was great but I’m not moving unless it’s to get a pizza at my front door.

No joke though, pizza please.

If any place is still open for the season, my mom and I are going five mile kayaking together, just us.

As Hugh always says, “when it comes to moms, you hit the mom lottery.”